Our Story (Part 2)

Nothing exciting happened right away.

As the months passed by, I heard that Strawberry was dating someone, then engaged, then un-engaged, then single. I'm not sure the timeline. All of it was just hearsay.

At some point in October, Strawberry texted me and asked if I wanted to go to the State Fair.

"I've already been to the fair."
"Do you want to go again?"
"I've already been twice."

I was twenty years old by now, but going on a date with a guy was still the scariest thing I could have ever done. Lying was my only option.

I have no idea where my nervousness stems from, but it's always been there. Ask any of my best friends the name of my middle school crush and they'll still plead the fifth. I put the FEAR OF GOD in them if they ever told. Diary after diary was filled with my future signature, Mrs. Kelly ________.

See, I can't even type it.

I was Drew Barrymore from "Never Been Kissed." I was so nervous around guys. Strawberry's invite to the State Fair sent me into a full-fledged panic attack.

Why would he like me? I was overweight. He was out of my league. Did he realize I had a big chart on the back of my bedroom door with my weight loss goals and their non-edible rewards?

145 lbs -  Get a pedicure!
140 lbs -  Buy a new outfit!

(I ended the year ten pounds heavier.)

So I lied about the fair because I was too nervous. But as you already know by now, that's not the end of this story.

Lucky for college kids everywhere, there's an easily-accessible cure for a bad case of the nerves.