Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Wow, July has flown by!

Good news, folks: With the exception of planning a nice date with Brian, I actually accomplished my July goals! I really think this is the best I've ever done.

The past two weeks I have volunteered as a teacher's assistant for Sunday School classes at church. The first week I was with 4-5th grade and last week I was with 1-3rd grade. I really enjoyed it!

I got behind the past few days, but I definitely have tried to plan some more interesting blog posts. Not always easy to do. 

I suppose I might be able to plan a creative date for me and Brian tonight. Spice up our Wednesday.

In other news, I self-diagnosed myself with mild crowding on the bottom row of my teeth, so I went to the orthodontist this month and got a retainer. My mouth is constantly sore now. Apparently my teeth were pretty happy where they were.

They gave me my tooth mold to take home with me and carry around in my purse at all times, but I accidentally left it in my dad's car last weekend. 

My sister found it under the seat of the car in a crinkled Ziploc bag and she thought it was a piece of spoiled food. 

Brian was really, really busy the past couple weeks at work, so I was pretty much on my own for several nights. He didn't know that I had gotten my retainer. 

So, I posted this picture on Facebook after I went to a Durham Bulls baseball game last Thursday:

I thought I did a good job of disguising my retainer, until I got home and Brian asked if I was chewing tobacco at the baseball game!  :-)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Favorite Necklace

So I've had at least five people ask me about my necklace this week and one co-worker who actually went ahead and ordered one for herself, so I figured I should share it with you...

My "B" necklace.
(B for Brian, the one that I love....most days).

My friend Meg was wearing a similar monogram necklace when I visited her back in June (no, she didn't have a B for Brian). Her necklace was so cute. I immediately wanted one! Hers was silver, a bit larger, and more prominent. I wanted mine to be yellow gold and dainty.

I ordered the necklace from the HotMixCold shop on Etsy. Link here:  Hot Mix Cold

I special ordered a 20" chain, instead of the standard 18", so the length looks like this:

It tends to ride up and hang more around my collarbone throughout the day anyways, so I'm not sure the longer chain really made a difference.

It's a good length, nice chain, and my necklace arrived within a week.

I love it!  :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Facebook Poem

Five hundred friends, some I don't even know,
So I said to myself, "Man, they just gotta go!"


I met him in high school. We spoke just one time.
He posts so many #hashtags it should be a crime.


It's great that you're pregnant and due in the Fall,
But those ultrasound pics don't belong on my wall.


Still ranting 'bout Trayvon? Well, you won't last long,
'Cause I've never thought self-defense to be wrong.


Another selfie? You don't have enough?
I'm getting annoyed of your narcissist stuff.


One baby picture is maybe okay,
But I don't want to see fifty new ones per day!


I won't add your birthday to my calendar ever,
So adios, friend...I'll talk to ya never!


My Democrat friends? They don't stand a chance,
'Cause I don't agree with their liberal stance.


I've narrowed it down, but I've still got a bunch.
I'll delete all the ones who post pictures of lunch!


Now some of my friends only post once a year,
It's no wonder I don't even notice they're here!


I'll delete that couple (and also their dog),
And that girl who keeps posting that link to her blog!


I'm almost done. Now my number is low,
But I've still got a few Facebook friends left to go!


We dated in college and that was just fine,
But here's where I've got to start drawing the line.


I'm getting close. Yes, I'm just about there!
I'll delete my own husband. (I doubt that he'll care.)


This person I love, but she's starting to smother.
I've got to delete you. I'm so sorry, Mother.


Well, everyone's gone now, and may I be frank?
I miss them all now that my Facebook is blank!

Monday, July 22, 2013

When Women Say "Yes" to God

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to let everyone know about the online Bible study I am participating in, just in case there is any interest among my blog readers:  "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God?"

Click HERE to be directed to the website, which provides a lot more details. I decided to participate mostly because I always love reading blog posts by Lysa Terkeurst. Her writing is powerful and uplifting, and she has authored the book that's being used in the study.

18,000 women from 106 different countries are currently signed up to participate.

My participant picture

The study begins August 4th and ends on September 14th. Once per week, you can visit the blog to see the assignments and then you have the option of interacting with everyone through social media.

If you decide to participate, be sure to let me know! I'd love to be able to send you some extra words of encouragement. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Messy Room

I was recently house-sitting for a best friend while she was out of town. It was during this time that I personally witnessed the World's Messiest Bedroom. 

This poem is dedicated to you, Amelia. Your creativity, passion, and messy bedrooms never fail to inspire me. Thank you for the lifetime of laughter. 

Your heart will go on. 

Messy Room

I'll share a quick story 'bout a friend dear to me.
She's not here to tell it. (She died, you see).
Buried alive by a mountain of clothes.
Exactly what happened? Well, here's how it goes...

It started one day with a shirt on the floor.
Then by day two there was quite a bit more.
Panties, socks, empty bottles of Nair.
Her room was a mess, but what did she care?!

The closet got full, so it avalanched down.
She had enough stuff to clothe the whole town!
"I'll clean it tomorrow," she told everyone.
(and I don't really blame her, 'cause cleaning ain't fun).

Trash littered the room, jeans scattered the bed.
"I'll clean it next weekend," she assuredly said.
Well, Saturday passed and Sunday did too.
And the pile of clothes grew a good foot or two.

Not a thread of carpet could be seen by the eye,
The pile was making its way to the sky!
The window sill covered, the ceiling was reached.
"I'll clean it up soon," she frantically preached.

She slept on a pallet of wrinkled, worn clothes.
She used a damp towel to cover her toes.
Her bed, by now, was a good 10 foot deep.
She created a tunnel to exit the heap.

Then one day she made up her mind -
Her fake "Heart of the Ocean" she wanted to find.
She cleaned up and down, and then left and right.
'Til finally she saw a small twinkle of light.

She shoved away tissues, t-shirts, and shoes.
She dug through the socks and the crushed cans of booze.
She grabbed onto the heart, said "I'll never let go."
But the mountain of clothes swayed a bit to-and-fro.

It came toppling down and she couldn't get air.
She died from a messy room, I swear.
So don't wait 'til tomorrow - just do it today.
Tidy your room. Put your stuff all away.

Messes grow quickly and out of control.
They ruin your mood, they poison your soul.
I mean, yes, she was a little...Titanic-crazy?
But she wouldn't have died had she not been so lazy!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Country Bound

Several weeks ago, after responding to a Craigslist ad, Brian and I ventured out to the backwoods of Mebane to pick up some fish for our tank. This is a summary of our conversation after leaving their house:

Me: "That was a really nice double-wide."
Brian: "I know. It's nice out here in the country."
Me: "I sorta want to move out here. Live in a trailer. Dogs roamin' free."
Brian: "Me too."

(long pause)

Brian: "I could work at a gas station."

It's only a matter of time before we ditch these city lights!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 4th. The Difference Three Years Makes....

Then (2010):

I was partying at Masonboro Island on July 4th, having the time of my life.

During a silly argument with Brian (about what? I can't even remember), he said  "I love my cars more than I love you," or something to that effect. I cried my eyes out. 

I probably had no money other than the cash I spent on food and beer.

I was twenty pounds heavier. 

Life was good.

Now (2013):

I hung out on the family side of the beach, onlooking the drunken chaos that was unfolding at Masonboro Island.

I smile thinking back to the night I cried over Brian (I was acting like such a girl). He still has those darn cars. He still probably loves them more. ;-)

I have money now, and I still think beer is a good way to spend it.

I'm twenty pounds lighter, but I miss that youthful pudginess. 

Life is good. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Goals

Two weeks ago I went to visit my friend Meg. During one conversation, Meg paused and said something to the effect of "Brian must have like a million hobbies."

It's true. Brian has like a million hobbies.

When you're married to someone with a million hobbies, it makes having zero hobbies even more noticeable and embarrassing. :-)

I actually do have a few hobbies, but laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, and taking care of Otis consume a lot of my spare time. I've decided to go back to setting some monthly goals. Even if I don't get around to actually achieving the goals, at least I'm attempting to make time for things outside of my usual, mundane tasks.

This month, I think I've decided to take a big leap of faith and volunteer to be a Sunday School teacher in the children's department at church. 

This is something I've wanted to do for a while, but it's been easy to talk myself out of it. For starters, it will involve making a commitment to be at church on Sunday mornings, which is never easy. Regularly attending church is something that's important to me, so I definitely need to make that a priority and not just an option.

So that's my big goal for this month. 


1. Volunteer in the children's department at church in some capacity, whether it be a Sunday School teacher, assistant teacher, etc.

2. Plan a nice date with Brian that doesn't involve eating at El Rodeo. (This month marks 4 years of dating!)

3. Think of new, creative ideas for my blog that focus on creating meaningful content. 

4. Make an effort to be more considerate and kind in my speech. 
    - Stop starting sentences with "I know this is mean of me to say, but...." Instead, I should just not say it!
    - Take time to read the Bible and pray each day.

Okay, that's all for this month, but I have a feeling these won't be too easy!

I hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Curls, Continued.

Want to know the secret to achieving this next look?

Again, do not attempt this style unless your hair is thick and wavy.

Step 1: Do not wash your hair for approximately four to five days.
Step 2: Do not brush your hair for approximately four to five days.

That's all there is to it! 

Super simple and sure to get  you noticed.