A Pippa

Cam inherited the dog gene.

I suppose this was inevitable given the possible maternal and paternal allele combinations.

This is the only time in my life where I get to be a DD.  (Double Dog lover)

Brian is represented by Dd.  (normal Dog lover)

To say I was dog-obsessed as a child would be the understatement of the century. I talked about dogs non-stop. I watched all the dog shows on Animal Planet.  I made ever-changing lists of my top ten favorite dog breeds, as if that's something you should always keep handy.  (#1. Border Collie, always) When we'd go to the media center at school, other kids were checking out Goosebumps and Amelia Bedelia. I was checking out:

Maybe I should get that book for Cam.

He mistook a petite, clever Miniature Pinscher for a Pippa the other day at the park.

Pippa has more in common with a beached whale than that Miniature Pinscher.

Cam saw the dog arrive as he was swinging, and as soon as it came into his view, he threw a conniption until I got him down to go see it.

"A Pippa?"

"No, a dog."

"A Pippa!"

"A dog."

"A Pippa?"


For Cam, all dogs are currently a Pippa.

The owner was nice and let Cam say hey and pet his dog while he was sitting on the bench, only Cam didn't want to leave. I kept trying to re-direct his attention to other - more exciting - things, such as the sandbox, but this kid could not be fooled.

He hovered awkwardly around the guy and his dog for about ten minutes, which meant I also hovered awkwardly around the guy and his dog for about ten minutes. Finally, the guy realized that Cam was not going to lose interest in the dog anytime soon (or ever), so he got up and left.

Cam was so sad to see the dog leave, and I suppose I know the feeling.

There is nothing in the world that can ever top a Pippa.

*Unfortunately those pictures are in chronological order.