Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Up & Out

Today began the task of packing up and moving out.

I am in a much nicer mood today (note bitchy post below) and have been feeling very nostalgic. As you may already know, I absolutely hate change. This includes transitions--to a new house, to a new routine, to a new chapter of life. I'm already preparing myself for the emotional breakdown that may occur when I see my bedroom completely empty, the walls completely bare, and nothing but a few dust bunnies scattered on the floor. It will be devastating...this I know.

520 East Haggard Ave has been my home for two years now. I adore this place. Granted I have much more lasting memories, funny stories, and emotional attachment to M202 and apartment C302, but this townhouse feels the most like my Elon "home".

Leaving "the Bubble" is bittersweet. I'm definitely in need of a change of scenery and I am ready to put the all pain, regret, and suffering of these last four years behind me. But never in my life will I experience the freedom, security, and opportunity that college has provided me. And hardest of all, I will never again live only minutes away from my closest friends.

When I was packing up today, I put away most of my picture frames and took down everything on my walls. But I did leave one picture--a picture of me, Meg, and Rachel from sophomore year that is sitting on my nightstand. I wake up every morning to that picture and am reminded of the love, the laughter, and the friendship that we've shared.

Although there will be a lot that I'm leaving behind, I'm taking even more with me....

....all the way to Mebane.

Monday, May 4, 2009

True Life

So I enjoyed a relaxing Saturday night in Durham this past weekend. Just me & precious Colby watching an MTV True Life marathon. If you haven't seen True Life, it is probably one of the best shows on television (after Intervention and Oprah, obvi). This show really amuses me because they find the most interesting people who are willing to open up about their feelings, insecurities, goals, and failures. Also, the producers must be desperate for interesting topics because they literally cover everything from cheating boyfriends to sagging skin (yes, an entire hour was dedicated to people who lost weight and had loose skin).

I was especially amused by an episode of True Life: I Have Small Breasts. Both girls on the show were inconsolable about their small cup size and felt that they would never be truly happy with their small boobs, but surgery was not something they would consider. I might have felt some sympathy for these poor, small-breasted females, except for one thing: BOTH GIRLS HAD BIGGER BOOBS THAN ME! For heaven's sake MTV, if you are going to do a True Life about girls with flat chests, at least find someone with an A-cup. Geez. I felt like maybe I should start hating my boobs too, but then I remembered my dream body: slender, not a pinch of fat, and all ribs visibly outlined. Boobs not required.

Considering some truths about my own life, I have a few suggestions for future episode topics:
True Life: I Have Running-Induced Asthma
True Life: I Have An Awkward Hairline
True Life: I'm Obsessed With My Dog
True Life: I'm Unemployed
True Life: I'm Single, Unemployed, & Have Small Boobs.
True Life: I Just Wasted An Hour Of My Life Watching True Life

Check the TV Guide Chanel for your local listings.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mind on my Money, Money on my Mind...

I just want to take a quick minute to applaud myself and my savings. This month I have been able to successfully save $600, decreased my grocery bill, and swiped my debit card much less than normal.

Unfortunately my $600 savings will not get me far. Here are my upcoming monthly expenses come June 1st:

Health Insurance
+ Gym membership

I went grocery shopping only three times this month, for a combined total of $161.81 (note: I shop at Harris Teeter, which is notably more expensive than most). I will attempt to spend even less next month, but I refuse to give up my quality fresh fruit and produce.

Also, since it is summer and I am fortunate to drive the beer cart at work (i.e. tip $$), I am going to try to use cash to pay for everything I buy (excluding bills).

Who knows...maybe I will even begin to cut coupons. Highly unlikely, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Riches to Rags

I cannot believe it is almost the end of April. Seriously? I just celebrated New Year's at the basement of Linda's...eventful night for all those involved ;-)

The semester is winding down and my days are getting more hectic. Only a couple more weeks to go until I (hopefully) never have to write another paper, study for another test, or sit inside another classroom on a beautiful day.

What will I do next? God only knows. But I can tell you I change my mind more often than I flip through songs on my Ipod.

Here are some potential ideas that are floating around in my brain:
1. Become a teacher, possibly English, although I'm extremely intimidated by high school girls.
2. Flight I can travel the world. Oh, the places I'll go!
3. Business of some sort, possibly banker, because I love people, money, and things that challenge me. What better way to challenge myself than entering a field I know absolutely nothing about?
4. Bartender because I love people, money, and alcohol.
5. Move to Honduras because I have never felt happier than when I am with those incredible children.
6. Live on a farm and raise Border Collies in addition to starting a dog shelter for abandoned and abused pups.
7. Live like Christopher McCandless, freeing myself of all material things. I now step Into The Wild.

All of my current ideas will probably not be applicable tomorrow, because I will undoubtedly have a new idea/ plan for the future. Either way, it's becoming clear that I will not be the successful and wealthy career woman that I once envisioned myself being post-college.

Riches to Rags.

If you see me on a street corner, please spare a dollar...or two.