Early Morning Thoughts (Day 2)

Two of my New Year's Resolutions were to blog more often and to wake up earlier. Mid-March seems like a good time to start working on those.

I bought a Groupon for Burn Bootcamp a few weeks ago. Burn Bootcamp offers early morning workout classes that would be perfect for my needs.

I just knew that purchasing the Groupon would get me motivated to get out of bed and go to the gym.

I'm not sure why Groupon feels the need to point out my failures in life, but they keep filling up my inbox with hate mail.

"Your Groupon is Waiting."
I'm fully aware.

I also need to explain for the millionth time why I haven't been blogging.

I have major blogging anxiety.

I'm worried people will read it. I'm worried people won't read it. I'm worried that I share too much. I'm worried that I don't share enough.

(That last one was a joke. I always share too much.)

Blogging is so much pressure. It's so personal. It'd be so much better if I could gauge my audience. I don't even know my audience. (Hi, Mom!)

My blog needs a sign-in sheet. Every once in a while I could review the roster, see who stopped by, and then be like "OK. I'm good with that."

Remember when I posted this picture a while back?

If my old college boyfriend ever stumbles across my blog after Googling my name and sees that selfie, I'll be mortified.

Chuck, if you're reading this, the above picture is very, very old. Here's a more recent one of me goofing around at the beach just last week:

Don't let the Valencia filter throw you off.  It's definitely me. 

Is it mostly my friends reading? Or co-workers?

Or fellow church members?
Multiple times a year you'll get a Come to Jesus post followed by a random post that leaves you wondering how many drinks I've had that night.

Let the record show that I yelled "HOLLYWOOD IS POISON!" across the house at Brian the other day, so apparently I've turned into a Bible-thumping grandma. 

(For context, Brian was discussing how much he respected the work of his favorite Hollywood movie producers. Something that seems very...toxic.)

In the words of a true belieber,

So I didn't wanna write a blog, 
'Cause I didn't want anyone thinking I still care
I don't but, you still hit my blog up.
So baby I'll keep writing on
And I think you should know something 
I don't wanna hold back
Maybe you should know that.

Current time: 5:34 AM