Wednesday, October 28, 2015

When My Husband Decorated the Nursery....

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I haven't done much of anything to prepare for our son's arrival next month. I had two baby showers last week, so I finally had a lot more stuff to work with and figured it was time to start setting up the bedroom this past weekend.

Originally, I didn't have a nursery theme, but once people started asking me a few months ago, I casually mentioned that I'd like the room to have a rustic, outdoorsy-feel. Since our house has wooded views in every room, I always try to bring the outside in, and make our house feel cozy and cabin-like.

I bought a brown fur rug and a deer antler mount for the wall. Beyond that, I was just going to keep it simple.

A few people had given me really cute items, such as this crib mobile, that fit perfectly with my "woodsy" vision:

On Sunday, I gave Brian the task of assembling the crib and hanging up the deer antler mount. There was already a chair, dresser, and futon in the room, so I mentioned he may need to figure out the furniture arrangement.

Somehow this translated into Brian figuring out how he could utilize everything we had in storage and incorporate it into the baby's nursery.

I tried to stay out of his way while he assembled the crib, but at one point he needed my help with something, so I entered the room. After I had helped him, I started looking around the room to survey all he had done. Just as I was about to offer some advice (and remind him of my rustic, woodlands vision), he quickly announced "I don't need you for anything else, so you can leave now."

So I left the room to let him finish his task.

I should have known at this point that my woodlands theme was at risk of being ignored. I'm pretty sure when I told him my vision a few weeks ago, this was the reaction I got: 

When Brian came out of the room later, the first thing he said was "I can't believe I fit all that furniture in there."

(Bad sign #1, since the bedroom is  only 12 x 11).

In total, Brian managed to fit a futon, a dresser, a crib, a sitting chair, and three nightstands. He also went through our closets and found some other things to add to the nursery.

And my personal favorite....

I think it's safe to say that the nursery no longer has a theme.

It has deer antlers, a map, some fish, and a cookie jar.

But you know what?

It's the thought that counts. And I learned early on that you have to pick your battles.

So here's our completed nursery.....

And our two dogs trying to steal a stuffed animal.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Life Lately

This month has been crazy busy. I have tons of blog posts to write next week to catch you up on everything - my trip to Colorado, our Halloween decor, baking, baby showers, etc.

Right now, I just want to vent about how I FAILED MISERABLY and somehow didn't realize until last night at 7 PM that the Pioneer Woman was only five miles away from me at that very moment.

Meeting the Pioneer Woman was #98 on my bucket list of 100 things to do in 1001 days.

By the time I found out she was in Raleigh for a book signing, it was already sold out.

Darn it.

Despite my disappointment, we did have a nice evening because our friend Brandon came over for dinner and a movie. I made fried chicken and waffles.

With Brandon over at our house, I couldn't act too upset. Had he not been there, I may or may not have shed actual tears. Hard to say. :-)

Does anyone else think October is going by way too fast?

Before dinner last night, Brian mentioned it was our normal night to go to the NC State Fair, since we usually go on the Thursday night when they have a canned goods food-drive. I acknowledged that I was aware of this, and told Brian we would just go next Thursday.

Brian told me this was the last weekend of the fair.
I then argued with him for two minutes about how it was not the last weekend of the fair and that we could definitely go next Thursday.

Well, I was wrong. Brian was right.

This is the last weekend of the fair.

For the past 6 years, Brian and I have had the tradition of going to the fair on a weeknight. It's not as crowded as the weekends, we know where to park, and we always have a pleasant time.

This year would have been our 7th Annual NC State Fair date, and it's looking pretty bleak that we will be able to attend.

The first two weeks of October were nothing but rain.
This past week has involved a stomach bug, a missed opportunity to meet my idol, and no State Fair.

Here's something that makes me happy about this month:
My dogs, a good book, and knowing that we're only a month away from meeting our son!

Unfortunately we all three didn't fit in the frame, so I sacrificed the top of my head for Otis.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Bucket List / October Goals

Our house in autumn on the day we moved in (November 2012).

I was so excited for fall to get here, but the rain has derailed my plans for two weekends in a row. So much for my trip to the apple orchard! I'll be in Colorado this coming week, so unfortunately I'll miss the last weekend of apple picking. 

My Fall Bucket List (made pre-rain)
Visit Saxapahaw Rivermill Village (rained out)
Go apple picking (rained out)
Go to a fashion show (Originally I had a Duke employee shopping event, makeovers, and fashion show scheduled for this evening, but it's now cancelled due to rain.)
Find a church to attend in Raleigh (Well, not likely. I will be out of town two out of three weekends.)
Upgrade the front porch
Go to the NC State Fair and get my annual hot apple cider and kettle corn!
Go see a few houses entered in the Wake County Parade of Homes

Well, looks like I won't be knocking many of these out this month. 

Luckily, it will still be a fun month because I have a lot to look forward to! Trips, baby showers, baking, and a lot of other fun things are in store for the next few weeks. :-)