Monthly Sister Night

Another successful monthly sister night in the books.

Apparently my sister's boyfriend was the one that reminded her that this was the second Tuesday of the month. She texted me yesterday and we had both completely forgotten!

Funny that yesterday's post was about better management of my busy schedule! It's hard to keep track of these things.

Tonight I made these Ham & Cheese rolls with a brown sugar glaze:

Photo courtesy Kevin & Amanda

We both liked them, but also agreed that they are better as party food. I served them as a main dish with a side of fruit, and we had chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We were both plenty full in the end, but these ham & cheese rolls were not intended to be a complete meal. You should definitely bring them to your next party if you are needing an appetizer or an easy side dish!

As for chocolate chip cookies, I used this recipe from Glorious Treats

Photo courtesy Glorious Treats

Honestly, my cookies did not turn out like the picture. They were good, but nothing to write home about.

It's hard to go wrong with store-bought chocolate chip cookie dough; I think they always turn out better than the homemade version. I may give this recipe another shot, mainly because I was distracted and chatting with my sister while making the dough, but also because a lot of people gave these cookies positive reviews. Maybe I was the problem, and not the recipe. ;-)

My sister made a really good pasta dish for our get-together last month. I'll ask her for the link to the recipe so that I can share it. Right now she's beating me with better recipes, so I need to step up my game next time around!