Making Time to Plan!

Remember in 2014 when I mentioned buying the Simplified Planner? In the end, even though I used the planner throughout the year, I never really felt like it was needed. My life wasn't busy and I don't think my schedule warranted such an expensive planner.

This year, I purchased a $5 planner at Target and it's done the job; however, my schedule is now crazy on a daily basis.

This is just a glimpse of June. I tried to jot down everything last month, but I'm sure there's stuff I left out.

I had a hair appointment a few months ago and showed up at the appointment ONE WEEK EARLY! It was so embarrassing because I walked in at the same time as her other client and the three of us were standing there looking at each other and - go figure - I was the one who had screwed up!

After that mishap, even Brian mentioned that I had gotten increasingly bad about keeping track of our schedules. Oops! 

It's sort of my unspoken responsibility to be in charge or our commitments and scheduling Terminix appointments, the house cleaners, vet appointments, and all of those mundane things that happen each month. Yeah, I'm supposed to stay on top of those things!

I decided for 2016 that I will go back to the Simplified Planner. It allows for much more detailed planning, and I'm really trying to get better about staying organized. 

These planners sell out super fast ( less than an hour, fast....), so I need to remember that date.

September 9th - Purchase planner.

Jotting that down in my calendar now. :)