Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance

OK, I think I may have a new favorite book of the year.

If you remember how much I loved "Girl on the Train" back in January, you know that it's a tough decision for me to make. This book, however, was THAT good.

If you have even the slightest interest in medicine and healthcare, I think you'll enjoy it.

This book covers so many controversial topics and looks at both sides of the coin on practically every situation related to healthcare.

The most relevant chapter for me now dealt with labor and delivery. It discussed the ever-increasing C-section rate in America (now 1 in 3 births), but it does so in a very unbiased way and explains the reasoning from the medical standpoint.

I literally could go on and on about this book. Poor Brian, he had to hear my synopsis of every chapter, but this book does such an outstanding job of addressing the issues faced in the medical field and how there are really no good answers.

For those that aren't interested in healthcare, this book was inspirational in that it encourages everyone to do better in their line of work. This author has written three other books that I can't wait to read. All of his books are national best sellers, but his other books actually have even better reviews on Amazon than this one! I find that hard to believe, so I'm going to have to read them all for myself. :)