Overly Excited About My Library Card

I finally broke down and got my first library card EVER!!!

My family wasn't the library-going type when I was growing up, so other than the library we had at school, I had never gone to a public library before.

I recently read a book called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," and after reading it, I donated FIVE BOXES of books to Goodwill. I'm going to do a separate post specifically about the tidying book, but it inspired me to get rid of almost every book we owned (over 200 books donated!).

After getting rid of so many books, I knew I didn't necessarily want to keep buying more books, so I figured I would just download them on my Kindle going forward. The Kindle books, however, are still fairly pricey. 

I have no clue why I never considered a library before, but once I went yesterday and looked around, I was really pleased with my decision. The Wake County libraries are really nice and there are two libraries that are only 3 miles from our house. 

Before I went, I made a list of a few books I had seen on Amazon that I was interested in buying, and luckily the library had about half of those available (for free!!!). Also, when I was going to get one of the books I wanted, I found two more books nearby that caught my eye, so I picked those books up too. So that's 3 books that I now have for the next two weeks!

I started "Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance" last night and the introduction was so good. I feel like this book will be a winner.

So anyways, I just looked what the cost would have been had I purchased these books on the Kindle, and the total came to $32.78. Assuming I return my books on time, I just saved almost $33!

Even the late fee is only $0.25/day with a maximum of $10 in late fees annually, so the library is really a cheap option.

You're probably not as excited about this post as I am  - especially if you already use a library - but this is very new to me and I am THRILLED!


  1. I decided a few years ago the library was the best option for me. I bought books all the time (fairly cheap), but they just cluttered up the house after I read them. It's rare I re-read a book. We've slowly lessened our books with all of these moves we keep making. It is embarrassing to go in with my library card from 3rd grade...picture new third grader learning cursive signing her name... :) but it is so cheap! You can also borrow books on your kindle if you want to keep reading on that...the selection isn't as great on the kindle, but it saves buying the book!


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