Florida Keys, Day 2

On Saturday morning we went with Bill and Barbara to the flea market on No Name Key. It was a nice day to stroll through the market and look at all the cheap stuff! It's a good thing Brian and I had ZERO space in our luggage to take anything extra home with us, so that kept us from buying a bunch of random crap.

I did end up buying $5 green Heineken beer cap earrings, since I had forgotten to bring anything green to wear on St. Patty's Day.

You can see the earrings in this picture:

For only $5 they were basically giving them away. ;-)

For lunch we went to No Name Pub, which is this tiny bar in the middle of nowhere on No Name Key. Despite being such a hidden location, everyone and their brother knows about this place. It's always crowded! It has a fun atmosphere and good food. There's a lot of dollar bills hanging on the walls. Estimates vary, but one article said that it was over $200,000!

After our late lunch, we went back home to relax for a bit and then we went next door to Mike and Gina's house. They're such a fun couple so it was nice to spend time with them. They had just completed renovations and added a pool to their backyard. Their house is also right on the ocean - it's spectacular!