A 220 Gallon Fish Tank and 220 Reasons I Need a Drink

This is me:

(Stressed out lady who I don't know. Source: I don't know.)

About a month ago, Brian purchased a 220 gallon fish tank. I thought to myself "bad idea" and I had this reaction: 

Brian said "but it's a really good deal." In reality, I knew that this really good deal would turn really expensive really fast. So I was like:

And then pieces of the tank cluttered the living room and dining room for several weeks. I thought to myself "there are worse things in the world than a messy house," but everyday I sorta did this when I looked around:

And then Brian told me that the tank would weigh approximately 3,000 lbs once it was done. The thought of 3,000 lbs of water sitting in the upstairs of my living room made me all like: 

And then the new tank was set up and all was right in the world.... for a few hours.

Well, last Sunday I heard several curse words coming from the living room while Brian was working on the tank and I was like "OMG, what now....."

And then I saw a large water spill on our nice hardwood floors, and I was like "You've gotta be kidding me."

So then he cleaned it up and had it working properly a couple days later.

But a couple days later, our nice hardwood floors started buckling in one area (buckling as in....um...they're ruined). So, naturally, I was like this...

Well, that brings us to a recent heart-to-heart conversation between Brian and I about whether or not this fish tank is really worth so much hassle.

Kelly: "Hunny..." (in a tone which I'm obviously being fake nice because I'm at my wits end)
Brian: "Yeah?"
Kelly: "Is this really worth it? I mean, you're always frustrated with the fish tanks anyways and they never seem to bring you much joy. So, uh, why did you even buy this?"
Brian: "I bought it for you. I thought you wanted it."

Welcome to my life!

(Brian posed with the new fish tank before it was set up. Notice his smile. 
That smile didn't last long.)