Weekend Recap

Well, the first weekend of 2015 was a good one.

Brian and I both worked a short day on Friday, so our weekend was off to an early start. We met with a landscape designer that may be helping us improve our yard. We have some big plans for the house this year, so I'll keep everyone posted on our progress. Our house projects may end up dominating my blog in 2015. We'll see.

Friday night we met at Chili's for dinner with friends then went to one of our favorite local pubs, O'Malley's.

On Saturday, we did mostly car stuff. Brian is getting something installed in his Cobra and then he wanted to take the Jetta to Apex Tuning to diagnose a recent problem. Volkswagen problems - story of my life!

Saturday night we tried Chuy's, a new-ish Tex-Mex restaurant in Raleigh.

The place was packed. We're talking HOUR AND A HALF wait time. Typical North Hills. Unfortunately they don't take reservations. The food was good, but it wasn't any better than our usual spot, El Rodeo. It's hard to beat El Ro...fast, convenient, and cheap. I think Chuy's might be worth trying again in the summer. They have good outdoor seating and I can definitely picture myself enjoying a frozen margarita on the patio!

After dinner, we headed next door to Kings, a "classy bowling joint." Kings atmosphere felt like a combination of a bowling alley, hip hop club, pool hall, and fancy bar. It's as if they weren't sure of their target audience, so they tried to target everyone. We were just there to enjoy a few drinks with our friends. Bowling is not my thing. :-)

Sunday was mostly devoted to cleaning and grocery shopping. I cooked dinner for two of our friends and Brian bought "The Interview" on iTunes to stream.

Lasagna, salad, and garlic bread are always a crowd pleaser.
Pioneer Woman Lasagna Recipe
Caesar Salad with Homemade Dressing

Since we couldn't actually go to a theater to see The Interview, we re-created the experience at home. The hype and controversy surrounding the film made it more exciting. I thought the movie was surprisingly funny, but I didn't have any expectations.

I hope everyone else had a fun weekend too!