Pinterest Recipes. Where Good Intentions Come to Die.

I'm not a fan of using Pinterest for recipes. 

In my opinion, the photos are usually deceiving and the results are usually sub-par. Anyone can be a food blogger these days, take a good picture, and then post it to Pinterest. 

There's only two food bloggers whose recipes I always trust: The Pioneer Woman & Kevin and Amanda

If you want a recipe that is going to knock it out of the park every single time, look no further than my idol, Ina Garten. I know I mention the Barefoot Contessa a lot, but for good reason! I could read her lifestyle cookbooks a million times over - they are that good! I only need three more and then I will own the entire collection.


Even though my previous Pinterest recipe attempts have left me disappointed, the pictures reel me in every time. 

I decided to make these Pinterest-inspired funfetti cake bars for our annual EKA Christmas gathering this year:

(Recipe from Crazy for Crust blog)

They looked delicious and the Pinterest caption was something along the lines of "YOU HAVE TO MAKE THESE! BEST DESSERT EVER!!!!!"

Was it the best dessert ever?


Was it even close?


I used Christmas jimmies to make them more festive. 

(Here's my attempt. Christmas jimmy style.)

We ate them and everyone seemed to think they were OK, but I would not make them again. The only reason I'm blogging about them now is so you can learn from my mistakes. 

Pinterest is great for many things, but I'm done testing the random recipes. 

Lucky for me, Erin and Ame are good test subjects. I knew my BFFs wouldn't care if I showed up with a crappy Pinterest dessert.


 12th annual (?) EKA Christmas. I'm not sure what year we're on - I've stopped counting.

EST. 7th grade


  1. :) I liked them! Granted, I kept all the middle pieces, which were nice and gooey. You can test recipes on me anytime!


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