My Favorite Necklace

So I've had at least five people ask me about my necklace this week and one co-worker who actually went ahead and ordered one for herself, so I figured I should share it with you...

My "B" necklace.
(B for Brian, the one that I love....most days).

My friend Meg was wearing a similar monogram necklace when I visited her back in June (no, she didn't have a B for Brian). Her necklace was so cute. I immediately wanted one! Hers was silver, a bit larger, and more prominent. I wanted mine to be yellow gold and dainty.

I ordered the necklace from the HotMixCold shop on Etsy. Link here:  Hot Mix Cold

I special ordered a 20" chain, instead of the standard 18", so the length looks like this:

It tends to ride up and hang more around my collarbone throughout the day anyways, so I'm not sure the longer chain really made a difference.

It's a good length, nice chain, and my necklace arrived within a week.

I love it!  :)