Messy Room

I was recently house-sitting for a best friend while she was out of town. It was during this time that I personally witnessed the World's Messiest Bedroom. 

This poem is dedicated to you, Amelia. Your creativity, passion, and messy bedrooms never fail to inspire me. Thank you for the lifetime of laughter. 

Your heart will go on. 

Messy Room

I'll share a quick story 'bout a friend dear to me.
She's not here to tell it. (She died, you see).
Buried alive by a mountain of clothes.
Exactly what happened? Well, here's how it goes...

It started one day with a shirt on the floor.
Then by day two there was quite a bit more.
Panties, socks, empty bottles of Nair.
Her room was a mess, but what did she care?!

The closet got full, so it avalanched down.
She had enough stuff to clothe the whole town!
"I'll clean it tomorrow," she told everyone.
(and I don't really blame her, 'cause cleaning ain't fun).

Trash littered the room, jeans scattered the bed.
"I'll clean it next weekend," she assuredly said.
Well, Saturday passed and Sunday did too.
And the pile of clothes grew a good foot or two.

Not a thread of carpet could be seen by the eye,
The pile was making its way to the sky!
The window sill covered, the ceiling was reached.
"I'll clean it up soon," she frantically preached.

She slept on a pallet of wrinkled, worn clothes.
She used a damp towel to cover her toes.
Her bed, by now, was a good 10 foot deep.
She created a tunnel to exit the heap.

Then one day she made up her mind -
Her fake "Heart of the Ocean" she wanted to find.
She cleaned up and down, and then left and right.
'Til finally she saw a small twinkle of light.

She shoved away tissues, t-shirts, and shoes.
She dug through the socks and the crushed cans of booze.
She grabbed onto the heart, said "I'll never let go."
But the mountain of clothes swayed a bit to-and-fro.

It came toppling down and she couldn't get air.
She died from a messy room, I swear.
So don't wait 'til tomorrow - just do it today.
Tidy your room. Put your stuff all away.

Messes grow quickly and out of control.
They ruin your mood, they poison your soul.
I mean, yes, she was a little...Titanic-crazy?
But she wouldn't have died had she not been so lazy!


  1. Anonymous7/19/2013 are so very talented! Definitely one of the best you've ever Dr. Seuss a run for his money. I would certainly read "The Republic" :)

  2. Anonymous7/19/2013

    I could actually visualize that bedroom!


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