Wednesday Thoughts

Wow, July has flown by!

Good news, folks: With the exception of planning a nice date with Brian, I actually accomplished my July goals! I really think this is the best I've ever done.

The past two weeks I have volunteered as a teacher's assistant for Sunday School classes at church. The first week I was with 4-5th grade and last week I was with 1-3rd grade. I really enjoyed it!

I got behind the past few days, but I definitely have tried to plan some more interesting blog posts. Not always easy to do. 

I suppose I might be able to plan a creative date for me and Brian tonight. Spice up our Wednesday.

In other news, I self-diagnosed myself with mild crowding on the bottom row of my teeth, so I went to the orthodontist this month and got a retainer. My mouth is constantly sore now. Apparently my teeth were pretty happy where they were.

They gave me my tooth mold to take home with me and carry around in my purse at all times, but I accidentally left it in my dad's car last weekend. 

My sister found it under the seat of the car in a crinkled Ziploc bag and she thought it was a piece of spoiled food. 

Brian was really, really busy the past couple weeks at work, so I was pretty much on my own for several nights. He didn't know that I had gotten my retainer. 

So, I posted this picture on Facebook after I went to a Durham Bulls baseball game last Thursday:

I thought I did a good job of disguising my retainer, until I got home and Brian asked if I was chewing tobacco at the baseball game!  :-)


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