Hello. Just Checking In.

We had an awesome Christmas. Brian and I were seriously spoiled beyond belief! We are truly blessed with wonderful family.

We went to Annapolis for a few days to visit Brian's family, which I always enjoy. We even got a little snow while we were there!

 Last night we got to have a Christmas dinner and gift exchange with my family. It was a great day (new pool table for Brian) and a great night!

I had so many awesome gifts this year - it was OVERWHELMING, to say the least. A family heirloom from Brian's grandma was so special. I am also in love with my new Pottery Barn doormat.  :-) The list goes on and on.

Needless to say, I've got to step up my game next year and get more creative with the gifts that I give. With so much going on in our life, I only went shopping at one store and did a few things online. Last year, I remember I had this whole 12 days of gifts for Brian and wrote a little poem for each day. This year, I only bought him one gift and then told him what it was before he opened it. Ha!

Let's face it. I under-gifted this year.

For instance, my sister gave Brian and me a really really generous gift from Pottery Barn....

I sorta had this reaction....

And then I handed her the Hunger Games DVD I had purchased for her.


But hey, it was the 2-disc Digital/Blu-Ray combo. That's gotta count for something. ;-)

Yesterday I got a chance to load a few pictures on Facebook. I have literally hundreds of photos from the past couple months, but have gotten so behind on sharing them on the blog/Facebook.

I got a few good pictures of the Strawberrys' hunting trophies. I didn't realize it until now, but I don't think I have ever taken pictures of their Annapolis house. It's crazy to think, but you really get used to being surrounded by all the animals. I don't even think twice about a mountain lion pouncing on a Christmas tree.

It's always fun to tell people about Brian's parent's house.

So many good conversation pieces!

And never a better opportunity to use the expression "the elephant in the room."

We also have a lot of projects going on at our house, which is still a work in progress. I've been trying to take lots of pictures. The hardest part is finding time to blog about it!

I am so excited about the New Year. It definitely presents a nice opportunity to make some new goals for next year. I have three more days to be lazy and make excuses, but starting January 1st....

I'll blog every day. And exercise. And keep my nails perfectly polished.


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Are you one of the five people that received our Christmas card? If so, you probably either trashed the card or it's currently consuming your entire fridge. Our Christmas card was more like an 8x10 poster. It's a huge dose of Brian and Kelly, for which I apologize.

If you didn't receive the Brian and Kelly Christmas Card in the mail, it's not because I don't love you. It's because I only mailed five of them. Shutterfly only sent me 5 envelopes. I immediately ran out of envelopes and never got around to calling the company to send me more envelopes. It's not like the stores sell 8x10 envelopes, so I couldn't just go out an buy more envelopes.

Do you say in-velopes or on-velopes?

I say onvelopes.

If only I had more onvelopes!

2013 will totally be my year.