Goodbye 2012

2012 has been my best year yet! Looking back,  it feels like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year at Danny's house. On that night, I had no clue that so many things in my life would be quickly changing in the upcoming year.

While I doubt that 2013 can top this past year, my only wish is for good health and happiness for me and my family.

I wish good health and happiness for you and your family, too!

2012 Highlights

There was lots and lots of baking!
I found out I did not get accepted into UNC Dental School. Ugh! All of those hours studying Organic Chemistry and Biology now seemed like somewhat of a waste. I was definitely disappointed, but it is what it is! I pouted for a day, and then I picked up and moved on with my life.

February: My book club was going full swing
I celebrated Valentine's Day with Brian
Enjoyed lots of Duke Basketball

March: Our annual trip to the Florida Keys!

April: We're getting a puppy!.
The next 8 weeks are the slowest weeks of my life...

On April 24, we celebrated 30 years of Brian Strawberry :-) I thank God every day that Brian was born - my life would be empty without him!

May: Brian and I celebrated my 25th birthday at Vinnie's Steakhouse. We got to pick out our puppy (or should I say "Brian got to pick out our puppy")!

We went to Annapolis for Memorial Day weekend with Ben & Lindsay.

June: On June 1st, 2012 we got to bring Otis home! 

Otis is the light of our life.

July: I started my new role at Duke and could not be happier!

We also celebrated 3 years of dating with dinner at the Angus Barn.

August: We celebrated Marykathryn and Blake's wedding.

Viva Las Vegas....
Brian played in a pool tournament while we were there. I relaxed by the pool drinking daiquiris. We won lots of money. We lost lots more money. Overall, we had a great time!

September: We went to Annapolis for Labor Day.
We also found our new house!

October: We went under contract for the new house and discovered our lives would soon be crazy busy! From here on out, the year is a WHIRLWIND. We had to get property managers to manage the condo and find people to rent it out. We had to do a million things to get ready and prepare to move.

We celebrated the marriage of Ben and Lindsay!

Bill and Barbara came down to Raleigh for the weekend and we announced our plan to get married..."Oh, by the way, we are getting married in two weeks...Surprise!"

We went to Annapolis the following weekend. It was our last trip as boyfriend and girlfriend.

November: On November 3rd, 2012, Brian and I got married.

Now he is officially stuck with me!!!

On November 6th, Obama won the election....Total bummer!

On November 14th, we closed on our new house.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in Durham.

December: We started all of our house projects and began to get settled. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

Goodbye 2012!