I got a new car. It's a Honda. Go figure.

Dear readers (or reader?),
Sorry if you tried to visit my blog the past two weeks and couldn't access it. I changed the settings temporarily to "author view only" and then life got kind of crazy.

Brian and I had a hectic few days, but we got through it.

Good news! I got a new car last Saturday. 

Y'all know how much I just love talking cars. Ha! Remember Ode to the Cars

I kid you not, Brian comes up with a new "car plan" every 8 hours. Like, most days I get home from work and Brian starts the conversation with "So, here's the plan..."

Some days he's wanting an old pickup truck. Some days he's selling the Jetta. Every day he's in the market for a Porsche.

Are you surprised my hair is prematurely turning gray? 
Yeah, me neither.

So anyways, we finally decided the VW Touareg had to go, so Brian came up with a plan:

He'd drive my Civic, since it has better gas mileage than his other two, and I'd get to pick out a new used car. 

I picked a black 2012 Honda Accord! 

Brian doesn't share my excitement about the new black Honda. He said there's nothing exciting about looking at a dirty black car in the driveway for the next several years. LOL!

Brian also thinks Hondas are boring. Maybe it's the reliability? He likes driving the Jetta and being surprised at what breaks. ;-)

Even though I couldn't care less what I drive, I've been really happy with my Hondas. I'd probably still be driving my original Civic had my sister not backed into it with her SUV that fateful day in 2009.

My Honda lineup:
This car!! Those tail lights!!

 Here's Old Faithful. The only thing more reliable is your two feet!

New Accord there in the middle!

Brian has his doubts I'll keep this car clean and scratch-free. Hmm....we'll see.

Usually, to find out if I'm too close to the curb, I'll try this little maneuver:


So it's probably just a matter of time. 


  1. Love this! And, love that you're back to a black Honda. What are the chances those awesome tail lights will come back?!? ;)


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