My Small Closet Will Be The Death of Me.

Brian said my last post about clothing and fashion was a "snooze fest." LOL. Feel free to ignore this post, because I'll be talking about my clothing again. :-)

Here's an approximation of the amount of clothing I've donated in the past eighteen months:

Moved in to Brian's house = donated 3 trash bags full of clothing
Moved into our new house = donated 4 trash bags full of clothing
+ Last week = donated 2 trash bags full of clothing
Total = 9 trash bags full of clothing

I've given away 9 trash bags full and yet I still have no room in my closet!

I forgot to take a "BEFORE" picture tonight, but after an hour of organizing, I finally was able to cram most of my wardrobe into the closet.

Here's the small space I'm working with, people:

Perhaps this seems like a decent-sized closet to you, but after years of being spoiled with huge walk-in closets, this feels like pure torture.

Until my recent clothing purchases last month, I've spent the past couple years feeling like I have way too many clothes, yet nothing to wear. Going forward, I'm definitely going to be more selective about what I buy, especially since I don't have enough room for the stuff I already have!

I did some modeling for you last week in my storage closet at work.

In the pictures, you can see that I now have a few classic pieces that can create several different looks. I've been diligent lately about sorting through all my clothes and eliminating so much of the stuff that won't get much use. I've also tried to get better about putting my outfit together the night before, since 6am is too early for my brain.

I obviously tend towards neutrals.
People have laughed before when I tell them my favorite color is brown!

Here's proof that I sometimes get crazy: