What Didn't Work for Me in 2012

Yesterday you saw my list of the things that worked. Those are the things that I found to be really good and made my year one of the best ever! Now, here's my list of the not so good things of 2012....

What Didn't Work for Me in 2012
No time for walks at Lake Lynn/No personal "me" time
Thanks to Otis, my long walks at Lake Lynn  became a thing of the past. I no longer had the time for this, and Otis cannot walk for 2 miles in the heat.

My lunch hour is not very regular or consistent. I just usually go whenever I find the time, and lately I've been eating a lot of fast food!

Book Club
Read Between the Wines fizzled out in April or May.

Morning Routine
Like I said in a previous post, my morning routine is not going well. I feel stressed and rushed. This needs to change!

Some Aspects of my Relationship with Brian
I feel like there was more bickering and frustration. There was definitely a lot less passion. A lot of this may stem from getting a new puppy and buying a new house. Stress levels were high.

Facebook doesn't work for me. I find myself wasting time on Facebook and then regretting that decision.

Baking Too Much
I can't say no.

Church didn't seem to work out. We would go and try a few churches, but we were never consistently attending church every week. I suppose it was never a priority - that's the only explanation. And that's an embarrassing explanation!

I blogged a lot less. While I missed writing, I could never find the time or the motivation. There were a lot of other contributing factors. I would like to get back to my regular blogging updates.

So there you have it, folks. I guess now I can look over the things that worked and didn't work and try to set some goals for this year!