Peloton - Week 1

 I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Peloton bike!

I have been wanting a Peloton for a couple of years now, but have been deterred by the cost. As Brian has always said, exercising is free. I definitely agree with him that you do not need to spend money to get fit, but I really liked the idea of having spin classes available at home. 

I researched options before buying since there are a lot of similar competitors now, but ultimately it's the instructors and the community of the Peloton that sold me. 

I had a gym membership which I have now cancelled, but I was never consistent with going. For me, the gym has always been a bit intimidating since I want to do more weight training but don't feel knowledgeable about what to do. Also, the back-and-forth mask mandate put a damper on the gym experience since I did not want to wear a mask, but I also didn't want to break the rules.

This is my first time buying a piece of home workout equipment. I did purchase those p90x DVD's back in the day for around $100 and never used them, so if that counts, then I do have one strike against me!

I'm hoping that I won't lose steam for the Peloton. My bike came last Wednesday and I am on a 6-day cycling streak. :)

My first ride ever brought Pippa downstairs to the basement (our dogs rarely venture down there) and she whined the entire time I was riding! 

     Pippa was likely concerned I was dying given how much I struggled 

I'm really liking the bike so far and am excited to see my progress. The classes are a lot of fun! And it feels like a great workout based on how much I sweat. I don't have a sedentary lifestyle, but I don't think I realized how out of shape I am. Also, I have no muscle tone. I don't necessarily think the Peloton will help me look more toned, but I love that you can track your stats and watch your progress. 

This first week has been tough and I cannot keep up with the instructors' speed. I am significantly slower than most of the other people in each class, so I am excited to keep pushing myself and getting better.

Lastly, my biggest concern with getting the bike and adding this to my daily routine was that I would lose weight. I am already on the cusp of being underweight at 5'6" and 115 pounds, so I decided to add a protein smoothie each day that I do a spin class. I know most people would welcome losing a few pounds, but I have more trouble keeping weight on than off. I want to be more toned, but definitely not get any skinnier. 

If you have a Peloton, follow me! :)