BEFORE & AFTER - Basement Renovations (Hallelujah)

🎵A leaky pipe from which water poured, 🎵
Brian's sock was damp, he cried "oh my Lord,"
But you don't really care about that, do ya?


🎵Basement damage done, insurance needed proof,🎵
Our contractor, he became aloof,
Our patience and our bank accounts a-dwindlin'.

🎵The months went by - the FOURTH, THE FIFTH!🎵
Summer turned to Fall, NOT A HAMMER LIFT!

🎵 Hallelujah...
{end singing}

This has been the longest small-scale project in the history of small-scale projects. When we had the water damage back in March, we had no clue our basement would be torn apart for the better half of a year. Unfortunately, for now, we had to scratch our original idea of adding another bathroom in the unfinished basement, so there's still a large portion of our basement that remains unfinished.

Maybe we'll tackle that next year, but for now, we're just glad to have these other rooms completed so we can relax for the holidays. Fingers crossed that nothing else breaks in this old house. :)