Thoughts On Not Watching TV

Q: How can you tell if someone doesn't watch TV?
A: They'll be sure to tell you. 

I can count on one (and only one) hand the number of things that Brian and I have in common and one of those things is that we both don't watch TV. 

We're a match made in heaven!

I hate saying "I don't watch TV" because it sounds so snooty. 

I prefer to say "We don't have a TV." Not only is it an accurate statement, it also makes us sound poor.

When you tell people you don't have a TV, they tend to get confused...and sad...and then they'll just end the conversation because they don't know what to say.

"Have you seen that new commercial for Amazon Prime?"
"Huh? Oh. Well, uh no. We don't have a TV."

See how sad that sounds?

"I don't watch TV."

"I don't have a TV."

A lot of people seem curious when they find out we don't have a TV, so here's the low down:

1. We have a projector for movies. For streaming, we have Netflix, Hulu, Roku, and our friend Rob's password to his HBO Go account.

2. It does get tricky if we want to watch sports. I really only care about Duke basketball, so we either have to find a way to stream games or go to a sports bar, which I think is more fun than watching it at home anyway.

3. I don't think I miss out on much. There's nothing that will ever top Seinfeld.

4. If we had a TV, I would probably watch Fox News and Food Network, and Brian would probably be suicidal.

5. It does get weird if we need a dog-sitter (or future babysitter). I mean, what do they do? I'm always like "Look, you need to bring several magazines, because you are about to be bored out of your mind."

6. After 5+ years of not having a TV, I've lost interest in it. 

7. We may get TV and cable at some point in the future. I can't imagine a childhood without TV, so I think I want that for our son. 

But then again, maybe we won't. We could just let him watch old Doug and Saved by the Bell episodes on Youtube instead. 

He needs the classics in his life. 


  1. Didn't I give Brian an Apple TV for Christmas a couple of years ago? Does that not count??!


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