Bulldog Expertise & Baby Preparation

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In early 2012, when Brian and I decided to get an English Bulldog, we were prepared.

Brian researched the raw meat diet.
We watched every episode of The Dog Whisperer.
Brian downloaded the "Mastering Your Leadership Skills" training video.
I read all three books that Cesar Millan wrote.
We were experts on "calm, assertive energy" and "no touch, no talk, no eye contact" and "exercise, discipline, and then affection." (Cesar-isms for those that don't know).

I'm pretty sure we have 5,000+ pictures of Otis as a puppy and I even ordered prints.

Pippa, on the other hand.....

Few pictures taken, no prepping done, no raw meat diet given, no Dog Whisperer episodes re-watched.

The good news is she's been extremely healthy so far, she's very well-balanced,  and she has surprisingly less quirks than Otis.

When it comes to having a baby, we've taken the Pippa-approach.

Zero prep.
Zero planning.
Hoping for the best.

I think Brian and I were so caught off guard by this pregnancy in the beginning that the first couple months were just spent coping. The next few months were easier. I was barely showing, feeling the same, and life just went on like normal.

I thought I would feel the need to prepare more these last 8 weeks, but....nope.

I still haven't done anything.

Here's my list of things to do:
Set up crib and car seat - can wait until November
Pack hospital bag - can wait until I'm in labor
Decide baby's name - can wait until baby is born

While I'm certain our child will be the pride and joy of our lives, I really don't want to become immersed in all things baby-related. At least not right now. Not when I have 8 more weeks to procrastinate.

Plus, we're already experts on bulldog rearing, and it's more or less the same thing....

....minus the raw meat diet.