Long Hair is My Lifeblood

Big decision in the works.

I have a hair appointment on Thursday and I've convinced myself to get blonde highlights. I think.

I've had the same exact hairstyle for my entire life. Long, brown, and always worn down.

Here's a series of selfies:

My hairstyle from years 1987-2009 (pictured above).   

I got braver in my early twenties and went a shade darker.

Then I got even more brave and cut bangs. I had never had bangs, so this was HUGE.

And this past November, I did a major cut.

Well, major as in 6-7 inches.

I went from this....

To this....

 And I loved my short hair for all of two days.

Now that it's grown back out, I know better than to cut it short again. Long hair is my jam.

Recently I stumbled across the following picture on Facebook:

and I thought to myself "must...have....hair!!!!!!"

I'd also like her smile and her olive skin tone, but thou shalt not covet anything other than another woman's good hair.

FYI - I don't know this chick from Adam's house cat, so if she ever stumbles across my blog, I'll feel really awkward. Ummm.....

Hey girl! Love the hair!
The two day countdown is on.

If this doesn't turn out good, I'll be back to my normal brown color in a New York minute.