New Lighting

We are still deep in the throes of a kitchen renovation. It's a slow and agonizing process. Patience is key.

Not much got accomplished last week, but Brian did install some new rope lighting. It wraps around the living room and into the kitchen, and will also be above the kitchen cabinets.

I joined a nearby gym, which is one of the reasons I've been blogging a little less lately. I originally just wanted to incorporate more yoga into my life. I took a semester of advanced yoga in college (yes, this was a legitimate class that was offered in college). The class was two hours every Tuesday and Thursday and I could really sense the improvement in my overall health.

When I told Brian that I was interested in taking regular yoga classes at a yoga studio, this was his response:

"I'm OK with you converting the back bedroom into a yoga studio."

"Um...all that would involve is me laying my yoga mat on the floor."

"Exactly. So if you want to lay your yoga mat on the floor in the back bedroom and do yoga in there, I'm OK with that."

Ugh, guys are clueless! :)

So I decided instead of paying for individual yoga classes, I'd just join a gym and have access to all sorts of classes! I did a BodyPump class that kicked my butt BIG TIME. My body was not prepared for the pump, lol.

I also got 6 free personal training sessions and have already done the first two.

I'm 23% body fat, in case you were wondering.