Valentine's Day/Ski Weekend

Brian and I took a long weekend and went up to West Virginia to ski last Friday. Well, technically Brian snowboarded, but I stuck with skiing. Snowboarding seems like something I would be really bad at, and I know Brian doesn't have the patience to teach me.

The dogs came with us, which is always fun....for them. Waking up at 6 AM to take them out in the -4 degree weather wasn't exactly the highlight of my vacation. :)

Right before we left for our trip last week, Brian got a really bad cold. Then the following day, I got a really bad cold.

Vacations never go as planned, or maybe I just have bad luck.

I envisioned us having a romantic, fun-filled weekend together. Hard to be romantic when you've got a puffy face, watery eyes, and a runny nose.

Despite feeling pretty miserable, we managed to get in some good skiing.

A blizzard came through on Valentine's Day and there was a ton of snow!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I originally had several blog posts intended for last week, but my plans got derailed once I got sick.

I was able to make some cute sugar cookies though....

This recipe is one of my favorites. I'll share the recipe on the blog later this week!