Kitchen Remodel Project - Day One

Well, it's 11 AM and a snow day here in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm already going stir crazy and I am craving pancakes. We have no food in the house! I tried to go to a nearby grocery store this morning, but the roads were terrible and I was forced to turn around and go back home.

Today was supposed to be Day 2 of our kitchen remodel project. The guys got here this morning, but decided to go home because the snow was coming down fast.  I don't blame them. This is the second week in a row that the weather has delayed our project, but we just have to go with the flow. It is what it is. :-)

You can check out the BEFORE pics here: Kitchen Remodel - Before Pictures

Once they took down the wall yesterday, everything started to feel very real. It was so exciting to get home from work and see how different it looked without the wall!

From the beginning, this house has been our labor of love. I can't sing Brian's praises enough - he has researched, designed, and managed every house project along the way (inside & out!).

Here are the pictures from different angles once they took down the wall. Stay tuned for more blog updates throughout the process. New floors, new oven, and new bar should be installed next week!

Sorry the pictures are a bit dark. I had to take these after work and it was already dark outside.

Also, that random pipe? We're not sure why that's there. It was an unexpected surprise. Fingers crossed it's an easy fix. Brian said we could leave it and have an industrial, "warehouse" look. Ha - not exactly the look I was going for!