Everything Must Wait.

I really need to get back to the gym.
I really want to start back the book club.
I really want to start blogging more regularly.
I really want to start getting up 15 minutes earlier.

But now that we're only 5 weeks away from 2014, everything can wait until the start of the new year.

Is anyone else doing that too? Deciding to put off everything until 2014?

It makes no sense to start tomorrow when we are THISCLOSE to January 1st!

I am still actively doing my 101 in 1001 list, by the way. It's going well and it has surprisingly motivated me.

This really hasn't felt much like a holiday week to me. I'm working today and Friday. I figure if I am in town, I might as well work.

A couple things to mention...

1. I read this awesome book last week.

I downloaded it on a whim, but this turned out to be my favorite book of the year.

2. Since it's Thanksgiving week, I feel like it's appropriate to tell you something I'm thankful for....

My third grade Sunday School class!!!!

Teaching this little class of four kids has probably been the highlight of my year. It's forced me to study the Bible to prepare for lessons each week and I feel like I've succeeded in teaching them so much!

These kids can now tell you the entire history of Israel from King Saul to King Solomon.

Ok, maybe not.

But when I ask them how David killed Goliath, they all shout "David chopped off Goliath's head!!!!!"

Well, at least they've learned something! :-)


  1. Must I wait much longer??

  2. Ha, hopefully not! I need to get back into the swing of things :)


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