26 Things I'm Thankful For On My Birthday (and Everyday)

This list may seem very basic, but it's nice to slow down and reflect on life's many blessings.

Life is too short to be anything but happy. :-)

1. Brian
2. My family
3. Brian's family
4. Colby & Otis
5. Our house
6. The friends I hang out with every weekend, the friends I see only a couple times a year, the friends I never see but keep up with through social media
7. My faith in Christ
8. My job
9. My car
10. Vacations
11. Paid time off
12. My health
13. My Pottery Barn bedding
14. My pictures
15. Reading on the deck on a sunny day
16. Running
17. My cell phone
18. A chilled bottle of white wine
19. A good recipe
20. Lunch at Wendy's
21. Good customer service at Wendy's
22.  Beating 5 o'clock traffic
23. A gym membership
24. Ice cream
25. A compliment
26. A good night's sleep


  1. Happy Birthday Kel - hope it's wonderful! xoxo


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