Riches to Rags

I cannot believe it is almost the end of April. Seriously? I just celebrated New Year's at the basement of Linda's...eventful night for all those involved ;-)

The semester is winding down and my days are getting more hectic. Only a couple more weeks to go until I (hopefully) never have to write another paper, study for another test, or sit inside another classroom on a beautiful day.

What will I do next? God only knows. But I can tell you I change my mind more often than I flip through songs on my Ipod.

Here are some potential ideas that are floating around in my brain:
1. Become a teacher, possibly English, although I'm extremely intimidated by high school girls.
2. Flight I can travel the world. Oh, the places I'll go!
3. Business of some sort, possibly banker, because I love people, money, and things that challenge me. What better way to challenge myself than entering a field I know absolutely nothing about?
4. Bartender because I love people, money, and alcohol.
5. Move to Honduras because I have never felt happier than when I am with those incredible children.
6. Live on a farm and raise Border Collies in addition to starting a dog shelter for abandoned and abused pups.
7. Live like Christopher McCandless, freeing myself of all material things. I now step Into The Wild.

All of my current ideas will probably not be applicable tomorrow, because I will undoubtedly have a new idea/ plan for the future. Either way, it's becoming clear that I will not be the successful and wealthy career woman that I once envisioned myself being post-college.

Riches to Rags.

If you see me on a street corner, please spare a dollar...or two.


  1. Nix on #7, please. . .McCandless was definitely not a smart guy. . . .

  2. Anonymous5/06/2009

    Top of the Hill, Bottom of Linda's. You know who this is! hahahahaha <3


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