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Minimalist Holiday Decor

I love holidays and everything that comes with them, so I figured I'd do a quick post about my approach to holiday decorations. I love adding a few small touches around our home, but I keep it very minimal. The decorations are ones that I've had for years and I have yet to feel a need to add anything, with the exception of Christmas ornaments. I usually purchase a Christmas ornament at each place we travel, and I also look forward to an annual Christmas ornament exchange each year with friends.  I think adding only a few small touches during the holidays accomplishes the following:  1. It makes the decorations more meaningful by selecting just a few that you love. 2. It helps keep storage needs to a minimum (all of my holiday decorations fit in a small space under our basement stairwell). 2. You prevent the dreaded cleanup/takedown once the holiday ends. I'm not sure if I've already said this on the blog, but I know I've said it to many people:   Our house was made

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