Pool Days

I made it to the pool after work on Friday, which was a great way to start the weekend. I think it will be my new thing on Friday evenings in the summer.

The pool wears us out!

Cam will swim for about an hour (usually I hold him instead of using the float, but I can't get a picture of that). We made it to the pool Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was great pool weather this weekend. :)

Even for this morning person, 5:45 AM comes early on a Saturday and Sunday. Cam is an early riser! On Saturday, I took Cam and Pippa on a walk in the morning before it got too hot. I can push the stroller and walk one dog. I don't think I'm gonna master both dogs and the stroller. After my short walk, Cam and I went for a longer walk (45 minutes) and I can't take the dogs with me on my long walks because

On Sunday we went to church, the pool, and then out to dinner with my parents.

Any free time this weekend has been spent reading The Stand.

I am hooked! Definitely the best book I've read in a while, and I'm only 1/4 the way through.