Three Years in Our Home!

Today marks three years since we've owned our house! I remember November 14, 2012 so vividly as we sat in the attorney's office and signed our life away on all those papers. It was so exciting and yet a little frightening to have 30 years of house payments in our future. :-)

After we had moved into our new house that November weekend, I went back to Brian's condo for one more car load of stuff and to vacuum the floors. Standing in the empty condo by myself is a moment I will never forget. Four years of memories hit me all at once and I remember wiping tears away as I stood there in the glow of the fish tank. 

Even though we still own the condo, I have not stepped foot in it since that day. It makes me happy to know that our renters are creating their own memories there now. They've strung lights up on the little patio, complete with hummingbird feeders and plants, so I know they're caring for it the same way I did.

Brian and I are living quite comfortably now in our "dream house."

As grateful as I am for all of this, I'm even more grateful for humble beginnings.

If I could go back, I wish I would have complained a little less about that tiny, cramped kitchen and been more appreciative of everything we had. The Lord has truly blessed me and Brian over the years with so much happiness and love, regardless of where we've called home.