Cameron William Strawberry was born on November 16, 2015 weighing 7 lbs 14 oz and 19.75 inches height.

Cameron's due date was today, and since it's the day after Thanksgiving, I figured I would write a gratitude post.

First and foremost, I am so thankful to God for everything this year. Looking down at a positive pregnancy test on March 22nd was the most surreal moment of my entire life. Just a few weeks before, I had come to terms with the fact that Brian didn't ever want to have kids, and then God threw me this curveball. As I sat on our bedroom floor crying that day, I was literally shaking in fear that my marriage was ruined. I am so thankful to God for providing me and Brian with "a peace that surpasses all understanding." (Phillipians 4:7)

I am more grateful than ever for Brian. This has not been an easy year for him. In typical Brian fashion, he never treated me any different when I was pregnant. I got no sympathy and no pampering.  When I asked him if he thought we needed to take a birthing class, his response was "'ll figure it out." :-) Brian ended up being the best birth coach in the world! I had an extremely fast labor and delivery, so he was recruited to help a little more than I expected. As per usual, he stayed so calm and acted like nothing was a big deal. When I realized how fast things were progressing and I was starting to panic, Brian was as cool as a cucumber.

I am thankful to Cameron for being the best baby ever! I'm not a "baby person" and have zero experience with newborns, but he has been so happy and easy-going. I'm going to make a ton of mistakes, such as preparing him for a blizzard when it's 60 degrees outside, but so far he seems very forgiving.

I am very thankful for my mom! She took two weeks off work and spent most of that time at our house helping me during the day. I've been incredibly appreciative. Each day that passes, I feel a little more comfortable and think I'm starting to get the hang of things. I will miss having her company when she goes back to work next week.

I am thankful for my dogs because they're awesome.

Lastly, I am so thankful for the nurses at Duke Regional and my doctors at Durham OB-GYN. I feel forever indebted to them. They showed me the ropes, helped me learn how to care for a baby, kept me company in the wee hours of the morning when I was alone with Cameron, and provided the best care ever.