Life Lately

This month has been crazy busy. I have tons of blog posts to write next week to catch you up on everything - my trip to Colorado, our Halloween decor, baking, baby showers, etc.

Right now, I just want to vent about how I FAILED MISERABLY and somehow didn't realize until last night at 7 PM that the Pioneer Woman was only five miles away from me at that very moment.

Meeting the Pioneer Woman was #98 on my bucket list of 100 things to do in 1001 days.

By the time I found out she was in Raleigh for a book signing, it was already sold out.

Darn it.

Despite my disappointment, we did have a nice evening because our friend Brandon came over for dinner and a movie. I made fried chicken and waffles.

With Brandon over at our house, I couldn't act too upset. Had he not been there, I may or may not have shed actual tears. Hard to say. :-)

Does anyone else think October is going by way too fast?

Before dinner last night, Brian mentioned it was our normal night to go to the NC State Fair, since we usually go on the Thursday night when they have a canned goods food-drive. I acknowledged that I was aware of this, and told Brian we would just go next Thursday.

Brian told me this was the last weekend of the fair.
I then argued with him for two minutes about how it was not the last weekend of the fair and that we could definitely go next Thursday.

Well, I was wrong. Brian was right.

This is the last weekend of the fair.

For the past 6 years, Brian and I have had the tradition of going to the fair on a weeknight. It's not as crowded as the weekends, we know where to park, and we always have a pleasant time.

This year would have been our 7th Annual NC State Fair date, and it's looking pretty bleak that we will be able to attend.

The first two weeks of October were nothing but rain.
This past week has involved a stomach bug, a missed opportunity to meet my idol, and no State Fair.

Here's something that makes me happy about this month:
My dogs, a good book, and knowing that we're only a month away from meeting our son!

Unfortunately we all three didn't fit in the frame, so I sacrificed the top of my head for Otis.