Life Lately

I failed last month's "blog every day" challenge.

Let's move on, shall we?

One of my best friends is moving away this week, so we had a farewell cookout last weekend. Luckily, she'll still be in North Carolina, so I think there will be a weekend road trip in my near future once she's settled in to her new place.

Remember the succulents Brian got for me a couple months ago?

Apparently succulents do not thrive on neglect.

I think they survive best in desert climates, with ample sunlight and dry air. Basically the opposite of our dark and humid house.

I'm going on Week 25 of pregnancy, so just a couple weeks away from the third trimester! Still feeling great and going along with life as normal. The only shopping I've done at this point is at a kid's consignment sale to buy used items and clothing. My co-worker also gave me lots of used baby stuff that her grandkids have outgrown.

I really want to keep the baby spending to a minimum, so I'm all about getting used stuff for cheap. I also don't want to fill up our house with baby junk (plastic toys, etc), so I'm trying to stick with the necessities.

The bare necessities in life will come to you. :-)

We've had a relaxed weekend, and today is my day for laundry, grocery shopping, and a few errands. I've also been trying to go to the gym more lately, so hopefully I make it there this afternoon.