Monthly Sister Night

A few weeks ago, I was saving some dinner ideas to Pinterest when I realized I would likely never make them. Most of the recipes were pasta dishes, and Brian doesn't usually get excited over pasta.

That's when I had a light-bulb moment.

I texted my sister and asked if she'd be interested in getting together once a month to cook dinner. Even though we live relatively close and work in the same city, we often go long stretches without seeing each other or getting an opportunity to catch up.

Once we set a schedule (Tuesday nights once a month), we agreed to rotate who would be in charge of cooking.

Last night was our first get-together and I made Crunchy Taco Cups and Mexican rice. In hindsight, I actually think Brian would like this recipe; however, the taco cups are bite-size. Brian would need about 20 of them to make it a meal. :-)

The Taco Cups were super easy to assemble and they turned out really good!

It was a nice night outside, so we had dinner on the deck and spent a lot of time chatting.

I'm really looking forward to more nights like this. Even if you don't have a sister nearby, a monthly girls night with your best friend would be a great alternative.