Getting Back Into the Swing of Things - A Few Updates

Between trying to make time for the gym, the kitchen remodel, two back-to-back trips, last minute vacation changes, work, puppy class with Pippa, feeling sick, and everything else going on, April has been a fairly crazy month!

I've somehow managed to stay sane just taking everything one day at a time (or one hour at a time). Surprisingly, I haven't gotten too overwhelmed, which is somewhat uncharacteristic for me when dealing with stress. :-) I will be happy to see May arrive, because our weekends look free and I can get back into the swing of things.

During the kitchen remodel, we got in the habit of eating out most meals. Once the appliances were hooked back up and we were free to use the kitchen, I thought I would be motivated to cook, but I wasn't. I finally had time to sit down yesterday and look through recipes and plan out some meals. I made a big, much-needed grocery store trip. I definitely feel more motivated now that I have a fully stocked kitchen and some dinner ideas up my sleeve!

I definitely am planning to be more mindful of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other house chores. I've let these things fall to the wayside a bit during these crazy weeks. No more excuses! :-)

I'm excited for things to hopefully settle down here soon. I think (and hope) we're wrapping up all major house projects for the year. I have a ton of blog posts to write, so you should be seeing more frequent updates.

Our house is looking very Spring-y. The azaleas look great....for now. Unfortunately those blooms never last very long.

While I love this season, I'm ready for some hotter days.

Check back in soon for our completed kitchen remodel pictures!!