August Goals

I always feel like summer is officially winding down once it hits August. I don't have much on my agenda this month, but I am starting it off with a beach trip this weekend! I'm crossing my fingers for good weather and a fun trip to Topsail with my pal Ame (who now has a clean bedroom, by the way).

Here are my goals for this month:

1. Devote time during the week to do the "Yes to God" Bible study.
2. Plan a cookout with friends at our house.
3. Meet a handsome guy at a bar for drinks after work. (Brian, you game?)
4. Visit The Meat House in Raleigh and select something delicious for dinner one night.

Alright, all for now. Let the beach countdown begin!


  1. No thanks, handsome guys don't do anything for me...


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