We're Married!

We're married.

Feels a lot like not being married.

Only now Brian's stuck with me forever.

Our wedding day started bright and early. We were up for pictures at the Biltmore Estate at 8am. It was about 35 degrees outside, so the whole picture taking thing was pretty miserable. I'm excited to see the pictures, and hoping it will ultimately be worth the suffering.

We got chauffeured around all morning in a new Cadillac Escalade, so that was a sweet perk. This Cadillac belonged to the wedding planner, who unfortunately felt the need to play instrumental wedding music the entire time we were in the car. The last song on the disc was an instrumental version of "Here Comes the Bride," which had a very loud and dramatic intro. When the song finally ended, instead of starting the CD over, the last song kept repeating again and again. After about the third time hearing Here Comes the Bride, our driver finally realized that the song was repeating. She kept hitting the next button, but since this was the last song on the disc and it wasn't starting over, it just kept repeating Here Comes the Bride. After about 10 rounds of Here Comes the Bride, she finally just ejected the disc.

Brian breathed a sigh of relief,
But then she inserted the disc again
And the instrumental wedding music started over.

What makes this whole thing hilarious is that Brian and I had been listening to stand up comedy the previous night and heard this story:

Please take a few minutes out of your day to listen to that video (don't watch it, but just listen).

Wedding highlights

Favorite Moment of the Day: Saying our vows

Funny Moment of the Day: I woke up much earlier than Brian, so I was in the kitchen at about 7am when I heard Brian in the bedroom beginning to wake up. All of the sudden I hear him talking...

"Kelly, put your hand around the door."
"Um, what? why?"
"First touch."

LOL! I had told Brian a while ago about the new tradition of having a "first touch" which I can't help but find amusing. I'm really glad I married someone that has my same sense of humor.

Memorable Moment of the Day: I had originally purchased a sweater dress to wear for the wedding, but Brian's mom also bought me a little lace dress from Nordstrom that I really liked. I decided to wear the sweater dress in the pictures and wear the lace dress for  ceremony. We were running a little late after taking pictures at the Biltmore, so I told them I just needed a quick place to change dresses.
I walked up to a restroom they had that was on the outside of the event center, which they told me wasn't heated. I didn't really care to go inside the house and make a big production about getting ready, so I just hopped in the public bathroom that was unoccupied. It was so cold I could see my breath! I quickly changed clothes, dabbed on some lip gloss, and got ready for my wedding in about 5 minutes flat!

Best Meal of the Day: We ate late-night Denny's. I ordered spaghetti, Brian got a burger, and we shared a milkshake. We pretty much had the restaurant all to ourselves! We had contemplated going to a bar, but Brian said he wasn't up for dealing with a loud, rowdy crowd. Only married a few hours and he's already acting old! ;-)

After our ceremony in the late morning, we headed to lunch at the Bier Garden in downtown Asheville.  In the afternoon, we toured the Biltmore, visited the winery, hung out in our cabin, and had an overall relaxing day!