"Dental School...Like...To be a Dentist...."

For those of you who read this and want to keep tabs on my current whereabouts...

And for my parents, who will read this blog post and still ask me every single day the same exact questions...
  • I'm currently enrolled in my summer Organic I & II Chemistry courses and will be done with my last class on July 22nd
  • The application for dental schools becomes available June 1, 2011 and most of them are due sometime in the late fall of this year (Sept/Nov).
  • Interviews for applicants being seriously considered for dental school start in September-December. First round acceptance letters are mailed December 1st, and a second round of acceptance letters is sent in the late Spring.
  • I am applying to five schools: Pacific University (San Francisco), UNC (Chapel Hill), ECU (Greenville), University of Maryland (Baltimore), and University of Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)
  • I have only taken pre-requisite courses for the UNC dental school requirements, and have still yet to take Physics II, which is required. The pre-requisites differ slightly between schools, but they can be "in-progress" as long as they are completed before Fall 2012. Unfortunately, that means additional pre-req classes are in my future.
  • To my surprise, I'm excelling in Chemistry. Physics, not so much.
  • My current interest is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, which is a branch of dentistry dealing with injuries and defects of the face, jaw, teeth, etc. And to think this all started with me simply wanting to scrape plaque off of someone else's teeth!
  • I want to be a writer. But, as you can tell from the previous bullet points, I have one hell of a backup plan.