Divergent Book Club Activities

Read Between the Wines kicked off the new year with Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Our group has doubled in size this year. With the larger group, I had to take on more of a leadership role than in the past, but somewhere deep in my soul there's a wannabe high school English teacher, so it was a neat experience for me.

Read Between the Wines "Divergent" Rating: 

 Here's our scale:

Personally, I thought this book was great and it definitely surpassed my expectations. 

I sent out invitations and instructed the attendees to come dressed as their faction of choice. I also encouraged people to come up with a Divergent nickname, since Beatrice and Tobias were known as "Tris" and "Four."

My test results indicated that I was Dauntless, so of course I had to rock my Tris tattoo.

I was told I resembled Shailene Woodley, the actress who is playing Tris in the movie. How funny is this side-by-side comparison?!

I think I should have been cast in the movie instead. Theo James' love interest? Yes, please!  :-)

To start out the night, everyone gave their introduction and announced which faction they belonged to.

You can call me Berries, my very intimidating Dauntless nickname. ;-)

For the food, I served hamburgers. Tris had never eaten a hamburger until she arrived at The Pit, so it was definitely appropriate. It would have been perfect to have chocolate cake for dessert, but I already had sugar cookie dough in the fridge, so I just made cookies.

I also made my new favorite appetizer, Bacon Crackers. These served no Divergent purpose. They're just friggin' delicious!

Next, we began our Read Between the Wines Initiation Challenge.

Round #1 - "Simulation Serum" Tasting Challenge

This was a wine tasting to see how well everyone knew their wines. This was actually much harder than I had anticipated!

Here's the quiz:

Round #2 - Faction Quiz

Challenge #3 - Target Practice

We used an airsoft gun for this activity. Each person got one practice shot before the final test.

Based on their performance in  the three challenges, I decided everyone's rankings. How did they do?
Well, let's just say that a few of our book club members are now factionless! ;-)

The overall winner, Jen, was recognized as our "Faction Leader," and she was presented with a Target gift card.

There were some discussion questions in the back of the book, but I came up with a few more:

Discussion Questions
1. What character did you think was most interesting?
2. Did you ever believe the negative reports regarding the Abnegation faction?
3. Why do you think there's a lock on the outside of the gate?
4. What would be your fears in the fear landscape?
5. What faction would you select to govern society?
6. Would you want to live in the Candor faction where everyone always speaks the truth?
7. What are your thoughts on the book's ending?

Closing Activity
Y'all, I am so bummed I forgot to do my closing activity! Blame it on the simulation serum. ;-)

At the end of the book, there is a Q & A with the author, Veronica Roth, and the last question she is asked is "What thought or message would you put in a fortune cookie?"

A fun idea would be to have everyone write down their fortune cookie response. Then, make homemade fortune cookies (recipe here) and mail them out to your book club members or serve them at your next meeting!

I hope you enjoyed this recap! I can't wait until our next meeting!


  1. Love your ideas! My book club is doing this series right now so these will definitely come in handy!! Thanks!


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