House Updates - Continued

On the last post, we left off at the end of 2021, where we removed several large trees that were in close proximity to the house, as seen in these BEFORE pics:

In early 2022, we had a lot of ideas for landscaping improvements and set out to find a landscaping company to help us revamp the front landscaping. Unfortunately, this was bad timing because everything was outrageously priced and booked out for several months. We got a design completed but the price tag to actually implement this was not in the budget. We ultimately decided to put that project temporarily on the backburner until 2023.

Luckily, in the fall of 2022, our neighbor's brother was coming over to our cul-de-sac with his machinery to help some neighbors clear their yard and offered to do the same in our woods. Basically, his machine just runs over everything except large trees and turns it all into mulch. We agreed to this plan and he spent the day clearing our woods in the backyard.



This has worked out well because Brian and the neighbors have created trails on both properties where they can ride 4 wheelers and bikes on 5-6 acres. It's really made our yard useable, whereas before we never really ventured much into the woods.

In the winter of 2022, I bought Christmas lights for the roof which Brian installed.  I had been talking about doing this for TEN YEARS! It finally happened. Of all the things Brian has ever done to make my dreams come true (and he's done a lot!), putting lights on the roof was one of the most meaningful. Every Christmas I have mentioned this and it turned out perfect! :)

We also got gas logs for the fireplace, which we had been mostly against because we love a wood-burning fireplace. We ended up using the fireplace almost daily in the colder months, so the convenience has been worth it.

Most recent updates from this year coming in a post tomorrow!