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Robertson Millpond Preserve

You may remember back in 2022 when I shared my Annual Idea List . This is basically just a list of things I want to try or places I want to go, mostly local to our surrounding area in Raleigh. It consists of hikes, parks, etc. It's helpful when it comes to planning something (especially with kids) when I have a free day with not much going on, and I'm looking for something fun to do. Last July, we had one such free Saturday and it worked out that we could go kayaking at Robertson Millpond Preserve .  I had stumbled across this place on Google Maps one day and saw it had a ton of good reviews, so I was excited to check it out. This ended up being one of my favorite days last year! I had a dog training class with Sasha that ended at noon, so it worked out perfectly that Brian, Cam, and I could go out to lunch and go kayaking in the afternoon. I reserved the kayaks in advance through Tar River Life, which was very simple to figure out on the website  page for Robertson Millpond. W

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