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Cam's (Almost) 8th Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated Cam's 8th birthday a few weeks early!                     Planning a kid's birthday party stresses me out more than any other event. First, who to invite? School friends, church friends, their friends, your friends, the entire class? You may not know the parents well (or at all), which adds a layer of complexity. Do parents stay or go? Inside or outside? If outside, will weather be a factor and what's the backup plan? What activities/games/food? Do I pay more just to go somewhere where everything is planned for you? I have found that kids typically enjoy (and remember) their birthday parties between ages 5-10, which is why I skipped planning a party for Cam's first four birthdays. We just had a family dinner.  For ages 5 and 6, we had a playground party with a piƱata. For age 7, Cam just wanted to invite a couple of his friends over to our house, which was super easy and I just made them Bagel Bites for lunch and they played for 2-3 hours

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