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Peloton Update

Happy 2022! Let me start this new year by saying this: I absolutely love the Peloton! And yes, I annoyingly work it into most conversations because I love talking about it with anyone who will listen. I'm totally OK with it getting a bad rap for being luxurious and over-the-top. Simply put, it makes exercising fun. :) I purchased it in October and just hit 50 rides on January 1st! I aim for 3-4 classes per week and love seeing my output consistently improve.  You may remember in my first Peloton blog post that I was concerned about losing weight by adding these workouts.  Instead, I have probably gained 3-5 pounds since owning it.  Either I've gained muscle ( Brian, stop laughing ) or I am just eating more. I don't know; maybe a bit of both. I bought protein powder and usually make a green smoothie a few times a week. I use spinach, almond milk, banana, avocado, and vanilla protein powder and just blend it together. I added this smoothie routine once I got the bike for extr

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