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Six Years Parenting! And the Three Parenting Rules I Live By.

Following up my "Nine Years Married!" post with a "Six Years Parenting!" one. Cam turned six on November 16!  At my Articles Club  gathering on Tuesday, there were talks of blackout curtains and other baby sleep hacks that reminded me of how easy I have had it over the years. Feeling very blessed to have had an easy-going child that sleeps 12+ hours a night since he was six months old! While I won't give us much parenting credit for our son's sleep habits, a friend told me last week that she makes macaroni and cheese for her kids every night (no judgement). I was feeling pretty proud that we have never made a separate dinner once Cam was old enough to eat with us. Brian and I can get credit for that (although our dinners often involve a ridiculous amount of there's room for improvement!). Moving on. Here are my three main parenting philosophies.... More is Caught than Taught Parenting -- like marriage -- often doesn't go the way we

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