2023 House Updates

For the past three days, I've been covering three years worth of (slow!) progress that took our home from this...

To this....

(ignore my withered potted tomato plants...should have gotten those out of the picture!)

At the beginning of 2023, we found a new landscaper we liked that was reasonably priced and decided to tackle our landscaping project.

Here are the BEFORE pictures. Lots of big Azaleas, Hostas, and a random assortment of plants. There wasn't much structure. It looked OK for the past ten years, but it needed to be refreshed.

We decided ultimately that we would tear out the existing plants (re-planting the Hostas along the upper driveway), replace with new plants, put down new mulch (which we do annually), refresh the existing pathway, and add large boulders.  


AFTER pictures:

For projects inside the house, we got new carpet in the basement, new basement doors, and tackled a lot smaller items that were starting to add up, such as fixing walls where there was water damage from roof leaks.  

Speaking of roof leaks, we replaced the roof in July 2023 as well. 



That wraps up where we are today. Next on the to-do list is turning a walk-in closet into a nursery for our baby girl's arrival this fall. More to come on that project soon!