House Update Overview

I wanted to keep track of our home renovations because I love looking back on all the progress we've made during our decade of living here. Over the next few days, I'll post some updates and pictures.

My last home renovation update on the blog was in October 2021 when we were about to update our deck. As a reminder, here is the BEFORE picture:

Here are some IN-PROGRESS and AFTER PHOTOS (notice the dramatic seasonal change in just a few weeks time!):

In November 2021, we took down 20 trees from our lot!! This was an expensive undertaking, and a bit sad for me to remove hundred-year-old trees that were here long before this house was ever built, but I think it was ultimately the right decision. Our house stayed wet and dark due to trees' canopy completely covering our entire house and limbs were constantly falling on the roof. It really has brightened up the lot and made the house look refreshed. 

BEFORE pictures:


More to come tomorrow on more recent projects!