Our Story (the 10 year edition)

St. Patrick's Day weekend marked ten years since Brian and I met at Mill Creek Golf Club.

I was nineteen years old and it was my first weekend driving the beer cart. There was an Irish Four Ball Tournament that day, made memorable by the fact that the high-strung manager, Ron, and his wife Cathy were in a  frenzy that morning, attempting to set up a keg of green beer on the porch.

I've talked about my life leading up to that day a lot on this blog and I've joked about some of my first dates with Brian, but I haven't ever discussed the two year period between when we met and when we actually started dating.

For the rest of the week, I want to tell that story. It's just a handful of ordinary moments, but I think I can make it interesting.

As you know by now, Brian is my favorite subject. He's my favorite subject to write about, to talk about, to think about. He's the only person I've not ever been able to figure out, but the Lord knows I'll die trying.

I've had fun this week thinking back to those first two years and trying to re-play everything in my mind. When you've known your spouse for ten years, it's good to remember the feelings you had during those early days when you first fell in love.

I read a great book last month, The Meaning of Marriage. In it, the author said that if you're lucky enough to be married to the same person for 50 years, you'll likely be married to five different people in your lifetime.

I can attest to that.

Stayed tuned because over the next few blog posts, I'll tell you the story of a different person. She's the person I know best, but at the same time hardly recognize.